The 6th COE conference : The conference of Art Education and Contemporary Challenges

Introduction about the conference

The 6th International Conference of the College of Education “Art Education and Contemporary Challenges” will be an important event at the local and regional levels. In addition to attracting academics, specialists and researchers in the fields of plastic arts and art education, the conference will bring together business leaders, field experts, decision makers and officials from inside and outside the Sultanate. Whose research will promote scientific research in the fields of plastic arts and art education

Program of the Conference

The First Scope:  Art Education and Contemporary Affairs

  • Preparing the Art Education tutor in a line with the Academic Accreditation criteria.
  • The Art Education issues in between the institutional capacity and the educational effectiveness.  
  • Art Education and the assurance of learning and teaching.
  • Areas of interest in Art Education and the community service. 

The Second Scope: Curricula and Methods of Teaching Art Education

  • Art Education and Constructing Creative Personality
  • People with special need and the role of Art Education in developing their mental abilities
  • The digital application and the advance teaching methods in the technological era
  • The school environment and developing creativity
  • Designing the educational environment in the 21st century
  • Preparing the Art Education tutor with concerning to the information technology and the communication.
  • The Art Education and the mental & psychological health.  

The Third Scope: Art Education and Contemporary Technology

  • The impact of digital technology on teaching the Fine Arts and Art Production, Electronic teaching and its educational applications.
  • The media and its impact on spreading awareness of Art Education.
  • Technological innovations, Teaching and Learning           

The Fourth Scope: The Scientific Research and Art Education 

  • Modern Sciences and its executions in the Art Education.
  • Art Education between the theory and implementation.
  • The contemporary trends for scientific research.
  • Ethics of scientific research and intellectual property.


The Fifth Scope: Sustainable Development and Community Service

  • Art Education and the society needs
  • Civil consistency and environmental design
  • Art Education and sheltering the cultural inheritance
  • Community institutions and professional partnership  
  • Art Education and Economic support.
  • Technology of production relating to Art Education and the labor market.

The Sixth Scope: Arts and Environmental Sciences   

  • Technology of production relating to Art Education and the labor market.
  • Recycling and improving production efficiency. 
  • Creative industries as an economic necessity.   
  • Small and micro enterprises and vocational rehabilitation.
  • Art Education and tourism activation.  
  • Participants are advised to send an abstract of Arabic version and another written in English, Words-count should not excess 250 words, including with 3 keywords all in “Times New Roman” font.
  • Text size (14) for Arabic language and (12) for English language.
  • For publishing (full length paper) at the conference journal or “AmeSea” (Education through Art) participants should submit their full paper before July- 30- 2019 and meet the deadline of April- 30- 2019 for Abstract submission.    
  • For those wishing to publish their research in the book of conference proceedings sent on 30-6-2019.
  • For those wishing to publish in a scientific journal approved by the Scientific Committee to send the research one month before the conference

Procedures for obtaining a visa

see here

  • The articles will be accepted either in Arabic or English language, with presenting an Abstract in Arabic and another in English as a must that should not excess 250 words.
  • Author should write his/her name and academic affiliation under the research title in a single sheet. It is not allowed to write the author’s name in the main content of the paper.
  • The Editorial Board of the conference has the full right to accept or reject any paper; and it is authorized to not proclaim the reasons of rejection.
  • Authors should adhere the corrections are requested by the arbitrators if they received conditional acceptance for publishing. Rejected Articles will not be returned back to their owners.
  • Abstract of researches are accepted for those intend to publish their full research in the conference journal.
  • Posters’ participants should not let their poster size excesses 70X50cm. It is advised to present the idea of the poster in size 25×17.5cm printed in high quality paper and then send out to the following E-mail:
  • The author will be received one free set of the conference published book covering 
  •  In the case of photographed practical research (poster), participants should send explanation of their research experiment and its objectives and results in context of scientific research responding to the poster elements.  all the abstracts of the participants researches.

To submit the research poster, please download the attachment (here) and send it to:
Please register for the conference on the conference registration page (here)

The conference of Art Education and Contemporary Challenges has established substantially with the message of making the leadership and discrimination locally and globally possible to the Art Education either in the education process or community service.

It is directed to present the knowledge, profession and education practices, finding out the research solving problems for Art Education issues in an educational and academic environment, which encourages for creativity.   

  1. Establishing new creative visions for developing the areas in Art Education.
  2. Developing Art Education curricula and teaching methods with the requirements of the age.
  3. Empowering the use of contemporary technology in developing the technical teaching process for Art Education practices.
  4. Activate the role of Art Education in the community service and sustainable development.
  5. Finding effective solutions for the challenges and the risks encountering various issues of Art Education.
  • Last deadline to receive the abstracts is on May / 30 / 2019
  • Last deadline to receive the full paper is on July / 30 / 2019
  • All correspondences are required to be sent
  • Under the name of honourable Dr. Fakhriya Al Yahyai / the chairperson of the scientific committee
  •  Sultanate of Oman – Muscat – Education Faculty – Sultan Qaboos University
  • Email: